Benefits of Baby wearing – For Mom + Baby

First let’s start with, what actually is baby wearing?

Baby wearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling of another form of a carrier. Baby wearing has been practiced for centuries around the world (1).

Here are my top 3 benefits for baby wearing for mom and dad!

1. Bond

A key benefit of baby wearing is the feeling of closeness for the baby. Being held tight to a moms chest mimics a familiar feeling that the baby would have experienced in her womb. The baby will feel moms body temperature and hear her heart beat or dad’s heart beat which is a comforting feeling for a baby as it is one of the main sounds it would hear in the womb. Also things like rhythm of walking will have a comforting effect for baby.

babywearing, attachment

2. Stronger Attachment between child and parent

Baby wearing has been shown to have a stronger relationship between the child and parents as opposed to using a stroller or laying them down in a crib. While baby wearing its also more possible for the parent and baby to be skin to skin which has all sorts of health benefits for both the mother/father and baby. Benefits of skin to skin are temperature regulation, calms both mother and baby, aids in digestions along with many other benefits.

To read more about attachment parenting check out Dr Sears, he is the paediatrician who coined the word attachment parenting.

3. Practicality

With baby wearing both mom and dad have the ability to have their hands free. Sometimes a baby does not want to be put down and I don’t blame them. For the most part parents are all the babies know and it is comforting to them to be attached. Also, sometimes they just want to be involved or able to see whats going on. So doing things like dishes or making a snack are easier when you have the baby on you in a carrier and happy and have the ability to use your hands freely. It is also particularly handy when you have other children to take care of as well and need to keep your baby close but also have your hands free to help the children.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to baby wearing, so try not to get overwhelmed and make sure you ask for help/suggestions from others. I always suggest to read the reviews as well. It is also really important to try them and see what personally works for you and your baby. There are fabric style wraps like this one and this one usually used when babies are smaller. For when babies get a bit bigger more supportive ones like the one in the photo above.

Let us know! Did you baby wear? What is your favourite carrier?

Thanks for reading!

Author: Erin Marrs