Building A Healthy Relationship with Self-Care

Author: Kristen Morton, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

“I feel too busy or guilty when I take time to myself” … sound familiar? Work, kids, cleaning, cooking, pets, whatever it is – this Spring we need to ensure self-care is an essential part of our daily routine.

Even if it’s a quick swoop of some nourishing and relaxing Body Butter on your skin before bed or taking a nice bath with a Bath Bomb. Your body, mind, family, and friends will thank you for it!

The best way to create a habit is to start out simple, let’s draw out a sample Self-Care Week:

Monday: Hot Drink – take a couple of minutes to yourself to enjoy your favourite coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot water and lemon.

Tuesday: Meditation – download a free meditation app like 1 Giant Mind and do a 5+ minute meditation before bed.

Wednesday: Walk – 5-10 minutes of natural sunlight and fresh air is fantastic for calming and clearing the mind.

Thursday: Armpit Love – swap to using natural deodorant if you haven’t already. Winter is the BEST time to make this change! Routine & Attitude are my favourite!

Friday: Comedy – watch a light-hearted Netflix comedy. Laughter is the best medicine after-all.

Saturday: Relaxing Face Mask – give yourself a little spa day, and if you have kids or a partner get them to join too!

Sunday: Tasty Treat – every month calls for chocolate, especially love month. Who doesn’t love a delicious treat that is also rich in antioxidants … is this a dream?

When we begin to make a routine out of self-care and love we will radiate this onto others. If you are reading this, implement 5mins of self-care today…cheers to a full cup that will give you and others an abundance of happiness!