Ideas for school and camp lunch

There is nothing like “lunch making fatigue”, I swear that has to be a thing. Do you experience that too?Whether or not you send your kids to public school, forest school, or they stay home with you, lunches can be tricky. Sometimes I think we over complicate things and it is actually easier to throw together a balanced lunch than we might think.

I find the compartmental lunch boxes help me when making lunches. Keeping things apart helps to prevent soggy sandwiches/crackers or getting mustard on your carrot sticks. It also simplifies things for the kiddos. Everything can be in one spot when they are sitting down to eat instead of having multiple containers. Multiple containers also take up a lot of room which is usually tight to begin with in a kids backpack.

And just when you think lunch making season is coming to an end, off they go to camp. Their bags can get awfully tight with extra clothes so the more compact you can make their lunches the easier it will be for everyone. Being prepared with lunch boxes and containers will definitely help make things easier.

Here are a list of things that help me when I am struggling to put together a lunch

  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Snack bar such as Lara Bars or Made Goods
  • Cut up veggies/fruit
  • Sandwich or wrap
  • Crackers and hummus/dip/cheese
  • Leftovers

Here are a few different lunch boxes and containers that help making school and camp lunch that much easier. I love that this one has so many different sealed compartments and this one has divided space as well. Also recently they have been coming up with the cutest lunch boxes which can keep everything together in one neat place. This is my favourite right now. The brand So Young has a great story and I definitely recommend reading it and checking her out if you haven’t yet.

Let’s help each other out! What is your child’s go to lunch?

Happy Summer Season!

Author: Erin Marrs | @theveganginger |


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