Our Story

Moosh Monkey was an idea dreamed up by a mom who is always looking for non-toxic, functional, fun and sustainable products for herself and her family. This mom believes that every child (and pet!) deserves the best start in life with toxin-free products. There are many conventional products on the market that don't consider the harm of hormone and growth disrupting chemicals. And so this mom dreamed of having an online shop of her very own so she could share her passion and excitement about purchasing products that protect the environment and the health of people and animals. At Moosh Monkey, we understand what it means to be a modern parent. We want function and we want style!. We want to protect our loved ones and the place we call home. We hope you enjoy our growing list of curated items for you and your family. If you want to get in touch to share your feedback or product requests/suggestions, please email us at:

Meet That Mom

Hello! I'm Barb Handy and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist having graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition here in Toronto, Canada. I am also the Founder of Moosh Monkey. Thank you for supporting a small business that makes a BIG impact. With every purchase, you are supporting a small business, a woman-owned business, handmade goods, eco-friendly materials, products that are socially conscious, and made-in-North America. Thank you for choosing Moosh Monkey and being awesome! Happy Shopping

The Original Moosh Monkey

Owen's mom has a lot of funny nicknames for this cute boy and his favourite of them all is Moosh Monkey. So much so that he's expressed many times that he wishes to legally change his name. Owen, you are the future and inspiration to make this world a better place. xo