Box-It’n-Go Stainless Steel Lunch Box | The Good Kiind


Up your family’s lunch game with our stainless steel B.I.G (Box-It’n-Go) lunch box.

Robust and durable, this eco-friendly lunch box is built to withstand rough rides inside a backpack – while keeping your precious midday meal fresh and undamaged. Thanks to handy separate compartments and the addition of two perfectly portioned scoops (and lids), gone are the days of food returned home because it touched her yogurt.

In addition, freshness is guaranteed with the B.I.G. The removable silicone leak-proof lid seal assures salad remains crisp, fruit ripe, and sandwiches succulent. Also, no liquids can escape – the days of books covered in yogurt and strawberries coated in hummus are long gone!

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